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Camping and Hiking with Miko

     This past week and wknd I welcomed a beautiful girl, Miko, into our home to care for and provide all the daily activities a furry friend wanted and needed. Most importantly though, what a joy I got from watching this beautiful & sweet German Shephard pup for almost 6 days.

About Me

    Hello Everyone! I am a healthcare professional who works from home full-time.   I like to take long breaks to get away from home, the desk and the laptop. I've had my German Shephard girl, Ava, for 15 years since she was a pup. We have opened pet sitting business when lived in LA area. When w e moved to Orange County, Capistrano beach area I had to concentrate on my girl  as she slowed down and we took little break from taking care of other doggies and concentrated more on senior life with my girl, as she needed more one on one attention. Ava's wish for me to continue my passion of hiking and walking with other doggies while I am also hiking/walking with Ava spiritually, which I've been since her passing in November of 2022.  She  taught me what dogs want, love, and enjoy. The hiking, the walking and occasional treats (if appropriate) are included in all our dog sitting services. Please join us on fun walks or hikes in Dana Point, San Clemente, and San Juan Capistrano

Hiking with Fozzi

I had the pleasure of dog sitting this bonnie lad this week-end and taking him to one of my favorite hiking trails in San Clemente area that are dog friendly, San Onofre Bluffs Trail 6 . We covered about 5-6 miles each day on our hikes in the morning. Plus couple more around our neighborhood and Doheny beach area in the evenings.