Hiking with Fozzi

I had the pleasure of dog sitting this bonnie lad this week-end and taking him to one of my favorite hiking trails in San Clemente area that are dog friendly, San Onofre Bluffs Trail 6. We covered about 5-6 miles each day on our hikes in the morning. Plus couple more around our neighborhood and Doheny beach area in the evenings. 
Fozzi loves hiking and running. He is a natural athlete and loves life. Check some of the pictures from our hikes as well as him lounging around in my home: inside and outside (fenced in yard). Plus he found all the toys and pillows that my pup, Ava, left behind for pups to enjoy when they visit our home when I dog sit & dog walk. 
Fozzi, I hope you had a fantastic little vacation with us and I can't wait to see you again...and your brother who mostly was hiding from me but had a great appetite as his kitty bowl was always empty after re-fills :)