Camping and Hiking with Miko

    This past week and wknd I welcomed a beautiful girl, Miko, into our home to care for and provide all the daily activities a furry friend wanted and needed. Most importantly though, what a joy I got from watching this beautiful & sweet German Shephard pup for almost 6 days. With the owner's permission, Miko has joined me for 2 nights camping trip at one of my favorite spots, San Onofre San Mateo Camping
    We hiked a 1.5-mile Nature Trail that connects the San Mateo campground to “Trestles Beach,” the world class surfing site. From there, it connects to old PCH road that are now walked or biked on only with mostly surfers going to their hot surfing spots. We loved the Nature Trail that connects to the San Mateo camping site. We chased bunnies, smelled flowers, and simply enjoy all the beautiful nature that surrounded us. We covered about 4 miles each day on the hikes and some short once in the morning and evenings for Miko to mark her new territory :)
    I have lots of experience camping with dogs and bringing my own girl, Ava, for many years and couple of my clients' dogs, Lola and Keeleigh. So I knew what I was doing and Miko was a perfect camping companion and a pup to care for. 
    Miko, I hope you had a fantastic little vacation with us and I hope to see you again. I think my cat Harry is secretly in love with you, because he just wanted to see everything you were doing and be close to you :)