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Spruce Grove- Backpacking & Camping trip

Ava and I are back from our 1 night backpacking and camping at the Spruce Grove camp , located at the Angeles National Forest . It was an amazing first time experience, backpacking and camping! We did a pretty good job packing and could of stayed another couple of nights with all the food supplies and clothes that I carried. Plus the running creek along the trail and at the campsite would provide plenty of water to drink from (using water filter/pump recommended). 

Murphy’s Ranch/Secret Stairs-Rustic Canyon, Pacific Palisades

This is a historical hike where a Nazi compound was once built. It was housed to Adolf Hitler's supporters in the event if Hitler was going to occupy America.    The camp site is tucked away in Rustic Canyon , Santa Monica Mountains. The old buildings, or what’s left of them, has become popular with graffiti artists. The mysterious history of this site has turned into a work of art in some parts of these structures.