Murphy’s Ranch/Secret Stairs-Rustic Canyon, Pacific Palisades

This is a historical hike where a Nazi compound was once built. It was housed to Adolf Hitler's supporters in the event if Hitler was going to occupy America. 


The camp site is tucked away in Rustic Canyon, Santa Monica Mountains. The old buildings, or what’s left of them, has become popular with graffiti artists. The mysterious history of this site has turned into a work of art in some parts of these structures.

Ava & I

All 4 of us, girls (that’s including Ava, my doggy;) absolutely loved this hike that lasted about 6 miles round-trip.

Thanks to Ava who found the secret old wooden stairs at the beginning of our hike. This stairs lead us down to a little creek at the bottom of the Santa Monica Mountain. This was one of the isolated and adventurous trails, which we loved.
Laci at the Old Barn+ghost

We stumbled upon the old fireplace/chimney that is still standing tall but the remains of the house is burnt (at least we decided that’s what probably has happened).

Please, check the pictures as I do not want to bore you with all the details of things we have found, unless you want me to?

Be aware of the tick population near the creek area as I found few on Ava once we got back.

To visit the site, take Sunset Boulevard west to Pacific Palisades. Turn right on Monaco Drive, take the roundabout to Capri Drive, turn right on Casale Road and park. Capri Drive becomes  Sullivan Fire Road. Walk up Sullivan Fire Road until the wrought iron fence (the entrance to the abandoned Nazi compound) or there are few hidden staircases before the main entrance you'll have too look out for.

Stay cool! Peace! – Ella ;)
Stairs, Power House & Ava

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