I am proud to present to you, my masterpiece of a F&Awesome trip ;) Pismo Beach-ROCKS

Margo Dodd Park
After “Camp, Golf and Vino” stop, we arrived to Pismo beach.
This place got it all right: plenty of free parking, drive through the beach, park on the beach if you'd like & good surfing spot.

Pismo & Grover beaches: rent ATV to ride on the beaches & on the Oceano Sand DunesXtreme Hummer Adventures was highly recommended to me as well. I will be going back to try this, suggesting to make a reservation.

Pismo Beach on W. Grand Ave side
I crashed at Motel-6 in Pismo Beach. All Motel-6 are dog friendly and on the budget ;) 

Do wake up early the next morning though.The views are most stunning early on, at Pismo beach (free parking on a big lot near Fin's restaurant & Pismo Beach Golf Course on W. Grand Ave). 

 A mile north from Pismo beach/PB Golf Course is  Pismo Beach town with few local shops, restaurants & the pier itself.

I would highly recommend not getting on 101 hwy from Pismo if heading up north. Stay on PCH (Hwy 1), drive up north and see Margo Dodd Park, Shell Beach, Avila Ranch Barn (market with fresh produce and fresh baked pies + some other goodies), Avila beach & San Luis Port. These are must see and experience. Please, see pictures   ;) Rock On!  
Avila Ranch Barn