Did you know, The Btches were out at Griffith Park ;)

My friend Monica, Ava (my dog, she is a btch;) and I went to Griffith Park .
This park offers many well maintained trails and are dog friendly (on leash)(parallel parking available on Fern Dell Dr., near the trails). If you are looking for a peaceful hike getaway away from people, this place may not be for you as it is pretty popular due to the well-known Griffith Observatory. However it is great hiking spot if you and your fido want to meet your buddy/friends/parents or simply meet new people. As we walked the trails, we ran into a Buddhist monk. It was amazing, what a great energy. He started by whistling for Ava to say hello, then chatted with us.
Do you guys know what's most important in life? Air, breathing. Without us breathing, what would happen to us. We would be dead, we won't be able to go hike with our lovely 4legged-friends. So if you catch yourselves a bit down or angry, try to remember to breath, it will help to get back the positive energy and back to feeling good. So, meeting new peeps on this trail was a very pleasant outcome. Everyone seem to be enjoying walking and breathing ;) Also there is a pretty good cafe, The Trails in the areas where you can sit outside and have a nice sandwich. It is Cash only cafe and if you are vegan, they have it too (vegan chili, vegan pie/etc)! This cafe is dog friendly. After having a bite to eat, we decided to walk it off and walk down the trail where a little creek runs through the park. This time it was mostly muddy, however I do like Ava enjoying her time on walks and allow her to get dirty. After all it is her time to play and explore. So now I have one dirty btch...hehehe. It's ok I'll rinse her out in my yard with the water house, which she loves. Ok, that's it for now and thanks for reading this little dirty blog ;0! I will update my event calendar as soon as I decide where Ava and I will adventure to, so come check us soon. The plan is to pick a new trail once a week.