Mammoth Lakes, CA

Hot Creek
Hello,Welcome back!Here we go, fasten your leashes: Mammoth Lakes, CA - December, 2011.

Ava and I left around 7-730pm Thursday evening. There was no traffic once we got through LA. Arrived to Mammoth around 1230AM. We stayed at out friend's condo. Mammoth Lakes area is very dog friendly, so shouldn't be any problems finding a place.

On a way to Mono Inyo Craters

First thing in the morning Ava and I decided to check out the Mono Inyo Craters . Getting there was no problem on HWY 203 and then Mammoth Scenic Loop Rd , but after turning to the dirt/snow road (free), we decided not to take any chances on my efficiency car Mazda 2. So we parked on the dirt road near the Scenic Loop Rd and it was about 2 miles to get to the Inyo Craters parking lot. The walk through the snowy road and the forest was very scenic and during this time of the year highly recommended. Ava loves snow. Once we got to the Inyo parking lot (restrooms are avail here), it took another 1.5 to see the Craters. I can see this place to be most gorgeous during spring however, which can be pretty populated I heard. We didn't run into anyone when we hiked this in December, it was pleasant and peaceful.

Mamie Lake
This wasn't the end of a hiking day. We were so excited about the snow, we decided to drive to Lake Mary. Taking 203 S back, it becomes Lake Mary Rd and will take you straight to Lake Mary . We stopped at Twin Lakes (north of Lake Mary). We parked here and after briefly checking out Twin Lake, we hiked up the Lake Mary Rd and see where it would takes us. We arrived to the Mamie lake (it's the next lake SW of Lake Mary). As soon as we got there, Ava decided to run into the lake  and she was walking on it like Jesus. I freaked out, but thankfully the ice was thick and Ava in shape. It was unbelievable to see the lake all frozen and still. It was gorgeous.

Second day, hiking to Hot Creek (the other side of HWY 395...). The Hot Creek is located near Mammoth Airport and Hot Creek Hatchery. From HWY395, take Hot Creek Hatchery Rd, pass Airport RD, when you turn right on Hot Creek Hatchery Rd, be prepared. After 1 mile, the road become dirt/gravel road. About 1 mile driving my Mazda 2, through some bumps, we made it on to the parking lot. Wow, what a difference in the temperature and nature. This is due to the volcanic activity some few 400,000-60,000 years ago and geothermal springs. You can see few hot springs formed in one area but you can't get to them as they are fenced in. Enjoy a beautiful hike along the Creek, incredible. We saw 3-4 fisherman along this creek (it's only catch and release policy here).

Vasquez Rocks NP
On a way back home to LA while on HWY 14S. Ava and I decided to take a little break from driving so we found this amazing Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park . From HWY 14 S take right on Escondido Canyon Rd. After about 1 mile drive, the park is on your left. This Canyon is on my list to come back to explore with Ava more. These rocks were amazing. This is the location where few Sci-Fi movies and TV shows were filmed, such as Star Trek and Roswell. It was a great find to stop and stretch from our ride.

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Please, check soon for some new adventures.