San Luis Obispo, Winery, Glamping and more

Road trip with my dog and a little glamping in Arroyo Grande. The camper I rented out was from one mile from Kynsi winery. The camper was awesome and set up in a beautiful country site in Arroyo Grande farm. It was a short distance to San Luis Obispo where I went after visiting wine tasting for a little BBQ pork pulled sandwich at the Old San Luis BBQ.Glover beach, Shell Beach, Avila Beach are all dog friendly and some of my favorite places to visit as you can tell from my older posts. Every time we go there we discover something new. This time it was Dinosaur Cave Park in Margo Park. Take a little walk north from Margo park to discover the somewhat hidden stairs that lead to the beach and come to amazing caves to explore. Ava (my dog) had lost her marbles and had so much fun and the scenery is unbelievable. If you interested to explore more, there are people who paddle and kayak in this little hidden jam. I believe you can rent the boards and kayaks on this beach. I wish I knew that before coming in there, I would have loved to explore more and see if Ava was up to that adventure.
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