What Wikipedia can’t tell you about camping

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Here are 3 things that you shouldn't try to attempt in your tent: 
1. Testing bear pepper spray. 
2. Sleeping-In is not going to happen even if you had a bottle/box of wine the night before.
3. Drinking wine without spilling it, nope, not gonna happen.

Ava: Wishon Camp, Sequoia NF
Sleeping-In while camping the right way. No such thing! All the beautiful wildlife is going to knock on your door…wait… there is no knocking or door. It starts with birds singing “¶ Come on, Come on, Rock your body ¶"! Is that’s why birds whistle so much to each other? Dirty little birds…


Even your own dog will keep staring at you in the am. They know there are no walls, no bed, no doors and will try to walk through the tent to get out, in hopes playfully chase those birds, while I want to shoot them. So sleeping-In, not gonna happen.

But why I love camping so much?! Actually, seeing the Nature, bright and early is a beautiful thing, as beautiful as all the Swimwear super-models, who in fact do wake up early to capture the early morning ‘warm light’. There I was in my swimsuit gear; ok my hiking supermodel gear, when I stumbled upon the most beautiful places. I would not been able to dream about while sleeping-in, that’s for sure.  ;)
Hiking wilderness trails and finding some breathtaking places early in the morning, in a beautiful Sequoia NF blew my mind. I want to thank all the wildlife and my dog, for making me drag my ass out of my tent and capture all the breathless moments. I will have these memories for the rest of my life. I didn’t run into any GQ model shoots, but you never know. Until then, I can’t wait for another camping adventure, soon  ;)

Here is the link to my April's road-trip pictures: from LA to Stanislaus National Forest to Yosemite NP, through Sierra NF for some camp scouting and at last Sequoia NF.

By the way, I usually look for National Forests to go hiking with my dog. The difference is National Forests allow dogs on their trails, where most National Parks or State Parks don’t, or some that do allow under strict regulations.

Be aware: Ticks!!! Its spring and these blood suckers were everywhere in the area. I found few on Ava right after our daily hikes. Bring a comb with you to brush them off from your dog before getting into the car, tent, cabin, etc after the hikes, and check again every couple hours or so to make sure no suckers left behind, stuck on your dog. Check yourself as well. Please, make sure your dog is treated monthly for fleas and ticks, especially during spring and summer months.

Thanks for reading and Rocking!!!  -EV & AV