Runyon Canyon Hike

This well-known park is great for socializing and exercising with your pup. Usually, we pick more isolated trails, but we sure enjoyed this popular park.
Most everyone we talked to was nice, friendly and loves dogs.Ava & Artie (Artie is my client's dog) enjoyed meeting and smelling new Fidos. There is a portion of this park where you are allowed to have your dog off the leash without breaking any rules and regulations. The weather is getting warm during the day, and your Fido will appreciate if you bring drinking water along.
The parking can be a challenge (thankfully we got lucky). As we were exiting the park on our way back to the car, we heard few comments about some cars being towed from the parking lot and saw one paralleled car getting a ticket because it parked pass the parking parallel zone. Please, pay close attention to the signs and parking zone regulations. This park gets lots of parking law enforcements and has enough people watching your car.
Artie & Ava (part of it)

One of the entrances to the park (we used): Runyon Canyon Park, 2000 N Fuller Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046. If you are taking  Cahuenga Blvd E and looking for Mulholland Dr. Stay on the right lane (going East). The Mulholland Dr. is on the right and going to sneak up on you. You will miss it if you are going a bit too fast (it happened to us). It’s easy to miss Mulholland Dr, because it comes up right after the little curve(ball) and you don’t have enough time to react to turn right if going fast enough.

Altadena area is our next hiking adventure, stay tune for more updates. 

Thanks and Have a Happy Today!!!