Tough Mudder SoCal#2 & Big Bear Hike

Big Bear week-end was incredible and full of fun memories ;)
It all started with a ‘little’ warm-up (before hiking with Ava) - Tough Mudder , Snow Valley Resort, Saturday July 7th  8:00am wave! 10+miles up mostly/down hill course with 21 challenging obstacles. This was an amazing experience and I sure will be doing another one in 2013 or maybe even sooner.

Electric Eel, More hills & Electroshock Therapy Obstacles

Wounded warriors on the left and #443 in the middle

Tough Mudder is the biggest
supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project and what a great feeling to be part of this mission.

After this incredible event; I was ready to hike with Ava the next day. Marine Corps Trail (near Buttercup campsite) has appeared before us on Sunday morning hike, so we were the chosen ones for this adventure. We hiked for 2 hours and saw lots of chipmunks as we got further away into the woods. On our way back, we passed the “Buttercup” campsite. After chatting with a couple about the “Buttercup”, there was one complain: the mountain bikers hauling down the trails through the site occasionally. So if you like mountain biking and camping, this trail maybe perfect for you  ;) 
Hiking adventure was accomplished; Ava had her workout and ready for her car ride back home.

Here is the link to my photo album from the Big Bear adventure and some of Mt. Baldy (I won't recommend to take your dog on a hike to Mt. Baldy, especially in summer. Some areas of the hike a bit dangerous and I am glad Ava stayed home).

If anyone has any recommendations on backpacking/camping sites on the west coast, please, let me know.

Also, if you are into extreme sporting events like Tough Mudder and have other to recommend, I would love to hear from you.
Stay Cool! Ella ;)
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