Camp, Golf and Wine

I love traveling and finding new places spontaneously that aren't planned.

Let me present to you: Live Oak Camp/Trail and Rancho San Marcos Golf Course. This is how it all started.

On my way to Pismo Beach, CA from LA, in March 2012. I adventured into this big camp site/hiking trail, Live Oak Camp on State Route 154, runs from Los Olivos to Santa Barbara, California, USA.
Live Oak Camp/Trail (near the camp site)

This Live Oak Camp (on Lake Cachuma) is walking distance to the Rancho San Marcos Golf Course. The camping site is far enough so you don’t have to worry about your balls landing on someone’s tent, unless you are Tiger Woods. Then if you are him, I’ll keep your eyeballs on the golf clubz.. ;)

What a great gateway if you like golfing, camping and some vino. The wine counties are not far away (13 miles on 154 hwy from the camp/golf site). The first wine county Santa Ynez, then Solvang and Buellton (within 2-5 miles of each other).
The King's Hunt 
I want to mentioned, while I adventured into the Live Oak Camp, I also found myself back in Medieval times. Apparently it was the week-end of The King's Hunt  (Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc SCA ). I almost landed myself a Renaissance man...ha

On my way back home from my amazing trip (from Pismo to LA now). I took 154 hwy again, to enjoy the beautiful ride vs. staying on 101 hwy. As usual, I got hungry and adventuresome. I decided to stop by Santa Ynez for a quick lunch. I bought a delicious BBQ sandwich at the Roundup Market in Santa Ynez and a bottle of local wine.
Looking forward to open the wine soon  ;)
I will be posting additional pictures and blog about Pismo Beach. Let me just say, it was F&Amazing! F& for fun and amazing, well and that's too ;)

Stay real!
-Ella ;)