Vasquez Яocкs Иatioиal Paᴙk

Our Total hike time: 2.5hrs. Wildlife we observed: jackrabbit, rabbits, coyote, birds. Domestic animals: Horses. Parking recommended: all the way to the end. Water: Bring your own water, no water facility. Check the park's web-site for additional info. Pictures posted in My Photo Album. 
Finally, we decided to make it happen and drove to Vasquez Rock NP.
If you want peaceful, solitude hike, and see some wildlife (before they went on to hiding) the earlier times recommended. Later in a day, it can get pretty crowded with families and kids.

We arrived here at 8:30am and were the only one here. The first resident to greed us was this big jackrabbit, with long ears, Larry, that is now his name ;) It was really quite remarkable starting this hike with Larry. Thankfully Ava was too ADD and never saw the fellow, but he sure saw her. I was a bit ADD myself with all the remarkable sightseeing of the rocks and their angles. I couldn't stop taking pictures, yet I couldn't wait to start the hike. Finally after few roll shots, I was able to pull myself together to explore the trails.

The 'rabbit trails', or so Ava calls them. They can be found everywhere where the rocks/brushes are. Ava sure found the little rabbits and tried to make friends with them, but you know...they didn't give her a chance. It's ok, cause later on we ran into a coyote and Ava wanted to introduce herself but thankfully listened to me and we agreed, not to bother... Coyote (I have to say) did scary me a bit, I never witnessed one so close, so silent and boom just appears/disappears.

The views are here spectacular, please, check 'My photo album', Larry is in it too, we both were pretty quick (I am with my camera and him disappearing in a bushes).

I am planning to go on a hike this or next wknd and looking for some ideas. If anyone has any place in mind you would want to go (but haven't yet and looking for a Ginny-pig) or if you did go, please, let me know ;) Thanks for following and running into us!  ;)